This is my piano which I hope to sell soon. I've had it for ages but never get to do the work it needs.
roenisch 07
A rare occasion. The workshop is tidy. It took a day and a half to achieve. There's a whiteboard to the right for the talk to the teachers.
tidy 01
There are four pianos in a row here. Starting near the whiteboard, there's the one which is least done up. the second piano is hard to see. The closest one is actually finished.
tidy 02

tidy 03
Likewise. That afternoon we changed it all around for the next lot of work. And now 2 days later you wouldn't recognise the place.
tidy 04
Looking back the other way.
tidy 05
Vahé the new technician from America, fitting new hammers to one of our concert grands.
vahe 06


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