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Here is Phil Sander explaining why it is so ...
teachers 01
... the attentive teachers.
teachers 02
Phil debunks the myth about the Magic Steinway Sound Bell. No, the sound is in the hand-made rim, the highly tensioned wrest-plank, the choice of materials and the careful setting of the down-bearing, and ...
teachers 03
Next they invaded the WorkShop, and saw four grands in different stages of rebuilding. It's good to know that Steinway can provide rebuilding services down the track.
teachers 04
We fix the soundboard to make sure it's crowned up to meet the strings at the bridge.
teachers 05
 Lots of questions to answer.
teachers 06
 Here's that astute buyer fellow again. He gets around.
teachers 07
During march we held a talk for a group of specialist piano teachers. After a short recital on the concert Grand and an introduction to the event by Julie Englfield, Phil gave a presentation.

Warren Thompson from the Institute of Music, and Daniel Herscovitch (Head of Piano Performance Studies at the Conservatorium came to lend their support.

Later they had a memorable lunch and were then invited into the T and V WorkShop to see some rebuilding in progress.


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