This gallery documents the inspection and repair of Ann Lean's Model 'V' Steinway Upright
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Dr. Bruce and Ann Lean's Steinway Upright is a Model 'V'. I think Mark Bolsius called it a 'Z' in his letter.
v 00
This photo shows the date of the original in-house tuning: 14th April 1987, by David Lawson. The piano has a label inside, saying '1986 Centenary'.
v 01
Mark's original diagnosis was that the angle of the strings over the bearing in the lower tenor ocave was too great. We measured it as 21.5°. The next photo shows the angle after the restringing of the tenor section.
v 02
Compare that last photo with this one. The angle of the strings over the bearing after the restring: 17.5°.
v 02cp17
Another view of the strings at the bearing before the repair. (2003-02-01)
v 03
Another shot of the original angle, a short section of string against the measring tool. However you look at it it's 21.5°.
v 04
Here I have the pressure-bar upturned. There is hardly any indentation.
v 05
You can see the angle again here. What I couldn't show is the profile of the bearing and the deep indentation in it. The cast-iron appeared softer in this frame than it usually is on Steinways. Also the profile was flat rather that rounded.
v 06
I took this shot to remind myself of the listing pattern.
v 07
I removed the bichords from the bass, for easier access to the bridge.
v 08
When I reshaped the bearing, I put masking tape over the frame. The iron filings get caught by the tape.
v 09
All the tenor strings replaced but not tidied up yet. Also the pressure bar hasn't been set to the right height yet.
v 10
Ready for the bichords to go back on.
v 11
This piece of card is 17.5°. It shows the new angle of the strings over the bearing. ( 2003-05-12 17:34)
v 12
This and the rest of the pics show the new angle.  2003-05-14 16:45
v 13

v 14

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