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Abruzzi Club Hire Consequences

At the Abruzzi club. The instrument is on its back on the stage as it fell. It had been on the upper stage before they activated the switch which pulls the lower stage in.
You can see the castors on which the stage moves. As you can imagine the
This is the under side, showing where the leg screw-hole has been ripped by
dp 01
Not quite in focus. The same screw hole. Discard this photo?
dp 02
dp 03
Likewise. I can take these shots again more carefully if you like.
dp 04
dp 05
Oh well ...
dp 06
Damage to the actual case-work.
dp 07
Because the iron-frame has been ripped from the body (as you will see),
dp 08
If you look carefully you can see the dampers raised up off the strings.
dp 09
Same. out of focus!
dp 10
I'll have to take this one again.
dp 11

dp 12
Here you can see the sostenuto blade bent out of shape.
dp 13
Again ...
dp 14
The right end of the piano isn't distorted.  The left side was
dp 15
 ... here the damper levers are raised up about 1 centimetre about the
dp 16
No comment.
dp 17
Scrap this one?
dp 18
That's more legible. Note the bright shiny and accurate measuring tool.
dp 20
No one we know has ever seen anything like it!
dp 21
By contrast, you can see on the right hand side, how the pin-bloack is
dp 23
The left side of the frame, pushed up till it almost touches the black
dp 26
This is the same thing on the right-hand side. No damage by contrast.
dp 27
Preliminary edition. Collection shows damage to Boston Model 218, serial number 137940, owned by Theme and Variations, damaged while on hire to the Abruzzi Club. More photos to follow. Click on a thumbnail to get a larger view. You can start a slideshow by clicking on the appropriate words on any of the photo-pages.

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