BMCS lyre repair and a new Steinway D Castor

Here the pedal lyre can be seen flat on the bench. There is a crack right through the top flange, caused by the lyre being pushed against the metal track in the storage box.
this one isn't properly focused, but shows the crack running through the screw holes which hold the metal tenon in place.
 ... similar. Note the little scraps of veneer used to set the position of the tenon. I have since replaced these scraps with a larger piece which covers the whole area inside the round rebate.
This is the base plate (under the pedals) - the part which actually got knocked. It's split in two places.
Here we have a new Steinway D concert grand castor, beside a standard Steinway D castor. Currently Steinway only supply the D series with this larger stage castor. In other words the smaller castor has been discontinued.

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